Haifa Wehbe

Lebanese Beauty Icon and Singer Haifa Wehbe

Lebanese Beauty Icon and Singer Haifa Wehbe

Name(s): Haifa Wehbe – Hayfa Wehbeh

Occupation: Model – Singer – Actress

Date of Birth: 10th of March 1976 (Lebanon)

Marital Status: Married to Egyptian businessman Ahmad Abu Husheima

Background: Haifa comes from the South of Lebanon, where she won her first local beauty pageant. She later took part in Miss Lebanon Pageant, before pursuing a music career. Haifa is a very famous pop singer throughout the Middle East, and to some extent an emerging international star.

Education: Unavailable

Titles & Awards: Sexiest Arab Woman of our Era

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  • <3 :) RT : فارس كرم: هيفا وهبي "ما بتخلّي حدا عاقل"

  • Haifa: Blocking People .. lol

  • <3 so sweet RT : You have already accomplished so much

  • <3 RT : ..I'm too proud of her Haiyoufa Is the combinition of the sounds and Fashion that Appeals To Me */* XOXO

  • what do they make dreams for..

  • an inspired undisclosed

  • flying away..time to sleep as the sun slowly wakes up..kisses from the clouds

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