Lebanon Transportation

Transportation ways in Lebanon include adequate public transportation, in addition to private, un-metered taxis. Shared cabs and mini-buses are abundant in and around the capital.

Buses and taxis are the two main means of transport used in Beirut.

Public city Buses are cheap and can be spotted by their unique white and red colors. There is no existing route map that is evident for new comers or tourists. The bus itinerary is stuck to a sign at the rear window of every bus.

Other Lebanon Transportation Ways include Taxis. Which is yet another way to commute in and around the cities. Taxis can be recognized by their red number plates and the yellow light on their roof, these are considered as the official more safe options when it comes to Taxi commute.

Drivers understand French better than the English language however it is advised to show an address written on a piece of paper in Arabic. As they have no meters you have to negotiate the fare before you get in. There is a taxi service which can be shared by 5 people, the Lebanese call it “Services”.

Water Taxi Beirut

A new project was put in place to help solve the traffic problem in Beirut, introducing the Water Taxi service. More