Lebanon History

Historical Events of the country of Lebanon.

American intervention in Lebanon between 1958 and 1991

The intervention of the United States in the country of Lebanon before and during the Lebanese Civil War and Israeli Invasion of Lebanon contributed to the destabilization of the Lebanese nation. More

Eisenhower Doctrine and the Middle East

The inherent flaw of this doctrine was its lack of limitations and guidelines for U.S. involvement and established a false perspective through which every global crisis was misconstrued as a struggle between capitalist and communist forces. More

The Nixon Doctrine and Israel

The assumption that the Nixon Doctrine made was that any client state backed by the U.S. would deter Arab states, or rather Soviet allies from the American perspective, from going to war. More

Soviet influence in Middle East

Although the Soviets are not guilt free from escalating the Middle Eastern conflict, Moscow never fully supported the Arab states like the United States had supported Israel. More

United States support during the Iran Iraq war

The American inconsistency in the beginning of the Iran Iraq War had far reaching consequences as radical fundamentalist elements became a major actor in the escalating war in Lebanon. More

American Prioritization on oil supply

With the loss of Iran as an American ally and the Iraqi oil fields damaged from the war, the United States depended more heavily on the oil from Saudi Arabia. More