Lebanon Telecommunications

There are 5 million mobile phone lines in use in Lebanon. In addition to 1.8 million phone landlines users. During the civil war, the telephone system of Lebanon was severely damaged, however in the mid nineties, the telecom sector was completely rebuilt and renovated.

Lebanon runs one official AM radio broadcast station, and more than 30 FM radio stations. In 2005, there were 28 privately owned FM radio stations. However this number was munch larger during the civil war when pirated and illegal FM radios dominated the FM spectrum and fought for dominance and airwave space.

There close to 30 television stations in Lebanon broadcasting locally on air, The official state-owned is called Télé Liban and has been operational for a very long time. The rest of TV broadcasters are privately owned and get their revenue from advertising, sponsorship and political affilations and domations.

Some of the most important television networks are the Lebanese Broadcasting Coropration known as LBC, Murr TV known as MTV, Al Jadeed known as NewTV, Future TV known as Al Mustaqbal TV, Orange TV known as OTV, Al-Manar, NBN, Télé Lumière.

Lebanon has five digital cable television companies, Cable Vision, Digitek, EcoNet, City TV and UCL.

Lebanon Telecommunications and Telecom sector of Lebanon has two mobile phone companies, Alfa and Touch. Prices for internet service are linked to internet speeds and quality of the service.

Overall the net speed in Lebanon is below acceptable, and many users suffer from slow speeds and disconnections. This is not surprising when the country has always suffered with basic infrastructure issues such as electrify and fuel.

Internet services are managed in Lebanon by the Ministry of Telecommunication known as Ogero. Lebanon provides three types of internet connection services: dialup, ADSL and wireless.

In 2009 Lebanon had 2,000,000 internet users which accounts for nearly 50% of the population. However as of 2012, Lebanon had 3,722,950 Internet subscribers which account to nearly 92% of population.

MTC Touch

MTC Touch Lebanon is one of the leading Telecommunication companies, part of the Zain Group in the Middle East. More