Famous People from Lebanon are mostly artists and politicians. For instance, Artists from Lebanon are mostly Singers, Models and Actors. Having said that other celebrities from Lebanon include Television personalities, painters, authors, and directors. Also there are the famous entrepreneurs and business men, and the strong and powerful business women.

Famous Lebanese Personalities

Famous People from Lebanon include Legendary Singers such as: Fayrouz, Sabbah, Wadih El Safi and Marcel Khalife.

More trending male singers from Lebanon include Ragheb Alama, Assi El Halani, Wael Kfoury.

In addition, some of the popular female Lebanese singers include for instance: Najwa Karam, Nancy Ajram, Nawal El Zoghbi, Elissa, Haifa Wehbeh and Maya Diab.

Famous Politicians from Lebanon include names like such as former Lebanese Presidents:

Camille Chamoun (1952–1958)
Fuad Chehab (1958–1964)
Émile Eddé (1936–1941)
Suleiman Frangieh (1970–1976)
Bachir Gemayel (1982-murdered)

Some of the current Lebanese politicians include

President Michel Aoun from the Free Patriotic Movement, elected on 31st October 2016.

Prime Minister, Hassan Diab an Independent player elected on 21st January 2020.

Nabih Berri, leader of the Amal Movement, elected on 20th October 1992 as Speaker of the Parliament.